Current & Future FlyHobbs Flight Schedules

September 9 – October 30:  The new additional afternoon flights between Hobbs and Houston will operate on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays for a total of 11 flights per week.

UA 4752:  Depart HOB at 6:00 AM     Arrive IAH at 8:42AM (7x week)               

UA 4773:  Depart HOB at 2:10 PM     Arrive IAH at 4:49PM (4x week Su,M,Th,F)                

UA 5572:  Depart IAH at 12:40 PM     Arrive HOB at 1:20PM (4x week Su,M,Th,F) 

UA 5590:  Depart IAH at 8:15 PM       Arrive HOB at 9:04PM (7x week)             

October 31 – December 15:  The Denver flights return! In total HOB schedules will consist of a total of 17 flights per week (12 from IAH and 5 from Denver).  Please note, United has made a Thanksgiving adjustment due to crew availability and will not operate the evening flight into HOB on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 25), nor the early morning flight out the following morning (Nov 26).  

UA 4735:  Depart IAH at 9:35 AM        Arrive HOB at 10:27AM (5x week Su,M,W,Th,F) 

UA 5984:  Depart HOB at 10:57 AM    Arrive DEN at 12:45PM (5x week Su,M,W,Th,F) 

UA 5898:  Depart DEN at 11:20 AM     Arrive HOB at 1:04PM (5x week Su,M,W,Th,F) 

UA 4773:  Depart HOB at 2:00 PM       Arrive IAH at 4:37PM (5x week Su,M,W,Th,F) 

UA 4752:  Depart HOB at 6:00 AM       Arrive IAH at 8:48AM   (7x week)  

UA 5590:  Depart IAH at 9:30 PM         Arrive HOB at 10:20PM (7x week)